The Schnug Life

Brandon & Regan's Humble Abode


Brandon and Regan’s home is the pinnacle of DIY chic — and together they have brought some seriously stunning homes to life, like this Clintonville beauty. With some challenging home design projects under their belts, they know a thing or two about transforming a space. Thinking outside the box is their M.O., and that really shines through in their home décor style.


Their skills in handcrafted style can be seen in every corner. Check out this accent wall that looks like wallpaper, but actually, Regan crafted it by hand using a Sharpie!


Brandon has found a few gems left behind on construction sites that the two of them have transformed with a little vision and elbow grease. Pin legs, a metallic top, and a good scrub brought an outdated card catalog (remember the days?!?!) back to life. Now, it’s sitting pretty as an accent table in their living room.


If you’re a newbie to the DIY scene, Brandon and Regan recommend sticking with one brand of power tools and build an arsenal over time, because believe me…you will always need a specific tool at 10 p.m. after the hardware store closes.


Modern accents live happily alongside the character of an older home, typical for the Clintonville area. Brandon and Regan keep their style wallet-friendly by bargain shopping (hello, West Elm clearance!) and never paying full price for anything. Now those are words to live by!


So, why Clintonville? Before landing in this home, the couple was all in on a midcentury modern. After a year plus of searching, they connected with the ubiquitous Clintonville charm. The walkability and sense of community has won them over, along with proximity to family. On the weekend, look for them bobbing around town, hitting up the local farmer’s market, or grabbing a drink from their fave neighborhood joint, The Crest.


Brandon and Regan have found a way to truly live the Hygge lifestyle, so what’s next for these two? They are expecting their first li’l babe and, yes, the nursery is stunning! They’re also talking about a basement reno, with hopes to transform it into an additional living space with a bedroom, full bath, and living room.