Simple Hacks

How To Make Your Home Look High End


Making your home look high end doesn’t have to mean an empty wallet and an overwhelming amount of projects. Even on a budget you can create spaces that look like they came straight from a designer magazine. The best part, you’ll likely spend a quarter of the price they did for the same luxurious space. We’ve got some simple tricks on how to get the look.


Nothing showcases expensive like fresh flowers and plants. A big bountiful bouquet right in the entry of the home adds instant class and elegance. Arrangements also add interest and bursts of color to the space. Flowers and plants can be pricey, so adding a bouquet is perfect for those special occasions where you’re hosting family and friends. Plants can remain small and intricate while still giving your space a pop of green.


Floor to ceiling window treatments make a room appear grand. They draw the eye up and make the space feel larger. This also helps to elongate the look of the windows making them seem bigger than they actually are.


Clean up your trim with a fresh coat of paint or add crown molding for a finishing touch. Crown molding is generally associated with upscale homes and it can be installed beautifully on a low budget.


Old light fixtures immediately outdate a space. Upgrading the lighting can change the ambiance of the entire room. Be sure to incorporate a regular dusting to keep them sparkling!


Buying frames in bulk will give your art a unified, cohesive look at a lower budget that buying frames individually. Cohesive frames are perfect for creating a gallery wall with clean lines drawing the eye directly to the artwork you want to feature.


A quick and inexpensive project that packs a huge punch. Framing original mirrors (typically in bathrooms) will instantly make the space look complete.

These few simple hacks will give your home the high end look you’ve been wanting, all without breaking the bank.