Selling Your Home

A Step by Step Checklist 


Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s all about the prep! We’ve got the perfect checklist to make your home show ready!


Clearing your home of clutter is so important. When selling you want to be sure you’re showcasing your home and not your “stuff”. Too much stuff means a buyer won’t be able to see the house and will have to imagine the space without all your items on display. Feature the house at it’s best and get a jump start on the moving process by packing up what you don’t need.


We like to keep it simple here. Everyone has a different idea of clean. Our rule of thumb is to always leave it to the professionals to make your home look its best.


The more natural light the better! Be sure to pull all blinds and give them a good dusting if needed. Take down any bulky curtains and blackout shades. Be sure to wipe down all windows and windows sills so they look sparkling clean.


It’s the inspector’s job to jot down every little detail in your home that’s not perfect. Don’t sweat it! No home has a perfect inspection. Stay ahead of the game and walk through your home as if you were a buyer. What would you notice? Are there burnt out light bulbs? Chipped paint? Leaky faucets? Drafty doors or windows? Dirty air filter? Yellowed/dirty outlet covers? These are all things that an inspector will note and a buyer will notice. Minimize the concerns by focusing on the details and take care of these small repairs ahead of time.


When potential buyers are walking through your home, they’re bound to look through all the areas that generally need a little extra tidying like your closets, pantry, refrigerator, garage. Focus on these areas to make them look neat and organized. For example, it’s difficult for a buyer to see how large the walk-in closet is if it’s packed from top to bottom with clothes. Organization goes a long way.


First impressions are everything. The exterior of your home is the introduction so making it looking clean and welcoming is important. Keeping trash cans out of sight and the yard and landscape well-maintained will give your home some great curb appeal. Giving your front door a little extra attention helps to paint the picture of what the inside will offer. Give your front door a good clean or a fresh coat of paint, swap out a dirty welcome mat for a new one, and add a wreathe for a finishing touch.

Here’s our checklist to help you get started!