Plant Décor 

Plants Make A House A Home

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Hello, fellow green thumbs! If you haven’t already jumped on this train, plants are seriously on trend and they are the perfect accent piece to any décor.

If you’re worried about having the house plant touch of death, don’t be concerned. There are so many varieties available, they CAN be a perfect low-maintenance addition to your space (we’re talking about you, Fiddle Leaf Fig!) Plants add texture, color, and vibrancy to any room…and we mean ANY room.



Layering plants in a corner or on shelves adds an earthy element to any space ESPECIALLY in the bathroom. We are fans of Sansevieria Trifasciata (aka Snake Plants) for this space. They thrive in indirect light, enjoy warmer spaces and are low maintenance. 


Get fully funky and bring your garden inside with an herb wall. It’s perfect for busting the winter blues and upgrading your culinary creations!



Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a cool bottle or glass (OYO Middle West Spirits, featured here) re purposed as a vase. Mix and match your designs to crate an eclectic ensemble perfect for a side table or shelf. 

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Get creative with real or faux plants by adding an accent wall to any space! You can spell out a word or simply drape them over a door frame. 


Don't be afraid to push the limits with plant décor! We promise, there really is no such thing as too many plants. Any selection of house plants, whether you choose real or fake, creates a great aesthetic. Varieties like a rubber tree or a cactus are low maintenance, grow quickly, and can be a part of your plant gang for years or decades.

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