The Place Matt And Angela Call Home


A Clintonville pad with all the delightful details you would expect. Lucky for Matt and Angela, this is the place they call home. Original hardwood floors, a huge front porch, and a black-and-white kitchen floor are some of the elements that make this home special. As city-dwellers at heart, Matt and Angela have found the perfect balance between city living while also enjoying the charm of an established neighborhood.


These DIY-ers have enjoyed sprucing up their space and making it their own, while still maintaining many of the home’s original touches. One example is a set of old French doors they just found lying in their garage! Angela has a natural flair for repurposing objects into home décor pieces — all it took was a vision and some chalkboard paint to make the perfect accent piece in their dining room.


Angela also might be the only person to seamlessly incorporate mementoes from their wedding into their every day home décor for an effortlessly chic look. Pressed flowers from her bouquet hang in the living room for a gorgeous and meaningful display. The bottom of a barrel adds the perfect balance of rustic elegance to their entertaining space.


When Matt and Angela aren’t checking items off their list of DIY projects, they enjoy exploring Clintonville and hitting up local favorites like Condado, Lineage Brewing, Old Skool, and Harvest Pizza. (Yum!) They are taking total advantage of their new space by entertaining friends and throwing the occasional OSU party.


When asked for advice for first-time homebuyers, Matt and Angela recommended that anyone purchasing a home of any age should never hesitate to use their home warranty. There are many nuances and quirks to each home that you won’t understand until you are living in the space. You’ll always have the home warranty in your back pocket to ease your mind when things go awry — it’s a true life-saver.


The next item on the to-do list is tackling the backyard patio. Best of luck, Matt and Angela; we can’t wait to see what’s in store for your home!