The Perfect Condo

Life in John's Space


John is a fun-loving, laid-back guy who is always up for a challenge. He has a slew of home improvements and renovations under his belt, so when he was looking for something new, he wanted a place that offered the convenience of maintenance-free living while still allowing him to renovate and add his personal touch.

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John found the perfect condo — he’s in a neighborhood with a community feel, full of friendly neighbors, and he could get to work planning his reno projects right away. He started the interior redo by replacing the flooring throughout…and he installed it all himself!


He offered some great advice for aspiring DIY’ers: look beyond what is currently there, don’t get caught up in what it is now, but picture what it can become. John is also a huge fan of setting a budget for projects and, more importantly, sticking to that budget. He likes to shop around for the best prices and does his best to avoid impulse buying. His go-to one stop shop is Menards; he recommends them for their quality inventory, budget-friendly prices, and the ease of shopping there.


Now that he’s done renovating (for the moment), John’s condo is sleek and modern with cool tones. Check out his hardwood floors, gray walls, tons of natural light, and an overall homey feel.

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Before he gets started on the next project, John’s summer plans include entertaining his friends on his back patio and lounging by the pool — this is a guy who enjoys the good life!

John, your condo is a total ten! Thanks for letting us take a peek.