Gallery Wall 

Tips For Making It Your Own


The current chic and not-so-secret trend for decorating your space is: THE GALLERY WALL CRAZE! It’s got that hip eclectic feel, and anyone can modify it so it feels right in their home — it’s versatile enough to be modified for any style.

Creating a gallery wall is a perfect (and inexpensive) way to keep a room feeling new. It’s also a great outlet for your personality to shine in your home! When you’re getting the itch to change things up, swap out old pics for new ones and create an entirely different vibe.

Art 3.jpg

When planning a gallery wall, start a collection of items you want to work with. Not every item will make the cut this time around, but having options is key. You can go wild and use whatever you love, but some of our favorite items to include are:

  • Old family photos — parents’ or grandparents’ wedding pics or childhood snapshots are the best!

  • Feature different art pieces, such as sketches or paintings you’ve picked up from craft fairs and art festivals.

  • Frame a piece of textured paper or a cool printed fabric, and check out Paper Source for a huge selection!

  • Go thrifting or hit up some local vintage shops for unique pieces like an old door knocker or frame.

  • Baskets, vinyl album covers, and wall pots for plants are also a great addition to add texture and break up the flow of pictures.

Next, lay all the items out on the floor and arrange (and rearrange) until you have it how you want it to look on the wall. Measure the first few items going from left to right. Mark your spots with masking tape to give you a frame of reference. Don’t worry about achieving equal distance between each item — it’s meant to look perfectly imperfect!

For all you perfectionists out there, consider using 3M Command Strips to hang your items. This allows for more flexibility in adjusting hanging items, and avoids the hazards of hammering a million and one nail holes in your walls.

As you continue to collect items, switch out your décor seasonally or once a year to give your gorgeous gallery wall a fresh look, and to show off the new treasures you’ve found. Now, invite your friends over for wine and cheese at your very own gallery opening!

— Start Your Own Gallery Wall —