Beyond A Table

Five Ways To Style Your Coffee Table


You may think a coffee table seems like a humble, utilitarian piece of furniture, but it’s not just a place to sit your drink. A coffee table is the centerpiece of a room; it’s the place where everyone gathers. It’s important to find the balance between functional and stylish. Adding the perfect accessories is an easy way to update your coffee table and keep it fresh. Once you have found the perfect table for your space, here’s our list of must-have accessories!

Rug Sliver.jpg

Rugs are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to anchor a room and add a pop of color to a neutral space. They add texture, visual interest, and comfort — and you shouldn’t be afraid to push the limits and get creative. Just as you have statement pieces in your wardrobe that cause a splash when you wear them, a rug can be a statement piece for your room.

Plant 2.jpg

Plants are the perfect centerpiece for your table. They bring happiness to any room and brighten up the space. Look for a variety of different plants, such as cacti, succulents, air plants, or orchids. You can make your houseplants truly unique by choosing a vessel that fits your style, whether you stick with traditional terracotta or jazz it up with a trendy terrarium. With the huge variety of plants available, you can switch them out seasonally to keep your décor feeling fresh.


Speaking of things that seem utilitarian, coasters have a reputation for only being the thing that protects your table’s surface — but they can be another design element. Add a touch of textural interest with wood, marble, metal, or other unusual coasters. You can even mix and match or layer textures and colors to evoke a more eclectic feel. Don’t hesitate to showcase your personal taste: local breweries and distilleries often have unique coasters as take-home swag.


This might be a bit unexpected, but we love styling with deer antlers (no deer were harmed in making these decorative pieces — deer shed their antlers periodically.) Surprisingly subtle, antlers add an earthy element to a space. They are versatile and match any décor, from ultra-modern to vintage and everything in between. Antlers are a particularly good choice if you are creating a minimalist look.


Sure, you can display a book featuring your favorite artist…or you and your guests can become the artists! Switch up the traditional coffee table book for a Polaroid camera and a bowl or basket to display the photos. Entertain your guests with snapshots of your adventures, or, better yet, keep the camera close by to take new pictures to add to your collection. This is a fun and easy way to display your life, and it goes beyond the typical conversation piece.