Artsy Bungalow

A Look Inside Jane's Home

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The boutique community of Mystic Pines has attracted exciting, fascinating, and unique people. We were thrilled to meet all the remarkable residents, including Jane. Jane’s eclectic style and love of art piqued our interest, and we couldn’t wait to see how her personal panache carried through to the décor of her new home. We spent a day with Jane sipping wine, catching up, and checking out her new digs.

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The details were crucial to Jane when putting together this immaculate bungalow. She designed every inch of her home to feature the art she loves. She insisted on ample wall space and thoughtfully considered the placement of can lights so she could display and enjoy her collection.

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Jane has spent her career working in fashion, so we were not surprised to discover her flair for creating a chic space. She’s a trendsetter, and unafraid to make an unusual — and elegant — choice: Jane swapped out the upper cabinets in the kitchen to make more room for art.


When asked about her most prized pieces, Jane mentioned art from her favorite local artists, who include Stephen Pentak, Aminah Robinson, and Paul Hamilton. She also loves her distinctive dining room table.


Thank you, Jane, for sharing your exceptional home with us!