It's All In The Details

Home Upkeep — What You Need To Know


Whether you choose a brand-new home or one that’s been around for a hundred or more years, owning your own place can be overwhelming — especially for first-time buyers. Keeping tabs on the details can be the difference between everything running smoothly and a total disaster!

Our advice is to learn the ins and outs of your home so you can keep a pulse on what’s working and schedule when to change and check things. With each season, a different part of your home is being put to the test, and a little preventative maintenance can stop a small issue from becoming something more. Here’s our guide to staying up-to-date on the little details:


Test the batteries in all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We have all been there when these little guys decide to bug out in the middle of the night! It’s best to change the batteries once a year — we do it while spring cleaning.


Check the weather stripping on windows and doors. These areas can wear down with use, and replacing the stripping is a quick fix that can maximize your energy bill savings!


Don’t let your pipes freeze! Especially in older homes, keep your basement or crawlspace no lower than 55 degrees to avoid freezing pipes, or worse, the headaches that come from a burst pipe.


Replace your furnace filters — they work the same as the lint traps on the dryer. Furnace filters fill up with dust and dirt and reduce the airflow, especially during winter when you’re running the furnace more often. This is especially important if you own pets, since their hair gets trapped in the filter, too!


Did you know that reversing the direction of your ceiling fans changes the way they move air through your rooms? Counterclockwise movement creates a cool breeze in the summer, and clockwise movement helps warm air spread in the winter (aka NOW!)


Those are our quick tips and tricks — pretty easy, right? Checking in on those little things can go a long way, especially during the cold winter months!